Police forces from the Dominican Republic and Brazil exchange experiences

Police forces from the Dominican Republic and Brazil exchange experiences

The CEO of the National PoliceMajor General Eduardo Alberto Then, received a visit from Colonel Reginaldo de Souza Leitao, Chief of Staff of the Military Police of the Federal District of Brazil, with whom he exchanged views on the process of institutional transformation of the Dominican order body.

Upon welcoming the special guests, Then expressed satisfaction in knowing the good practices implemented in Brazil, to improve the protocols action and improve citizen security.

Likewise, he took advantage of the moment to explain to the commission of the Military Police of the Federal District of Brazil the program of citizen proximity and social integration implemented by the government, through the Ministry of the Interior and executed by the National Police.

While Colonel De Souza Leitao, who is in the country with a mission, thanked the attention and said he was ready to collaborate with the process of transformation and professionalization of the National Police.

He highlighted that in his country it was possible to increase confidence in the institution and reduce crime rates with the police outreach programs with the community.

“In Brazil, in the last 30 years, we have begun a task of restructuring the Police and for three years we have been carrying out studies to perpetuate the work of the police with strategies of approximation with the community so that both, both the community and the police, take part. of the security improvement process”, said Colonel De Sousa Leitao.

He explained that as a result of hard work today they have a stronger, more consolidated police force with good results. As an example, he mentioned that in the year 2021 they had a huge reduction in the homicide rate.

“The best of the last 45 years, three deaths per hundred thousand inhabitants, for us a great event and we come here to share knowledge and make the National Police stronger and stronger”Reginald de Souza LeitaoChief of Staff of the Military Police of the Federal District of Brazil

The senior official explained that among the programs they had to carry out to lower crime levels in Brazil were projects in schools to guide children, for families who are victims of domestic violence, and also a network of protected neighbors, where they do a job approach and education to guide care in their own streets and homes.

He pointed out that they guide the neighbors and explain to them that they must park their vehicles with the front part facing the street. “Since they put it in garages or canopies, they have the possibility to get out in an emergency and without mishap.”

Police forces from the Dominican Republic and Brazil exchange experiences (PHOTO: EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Protocol gesture and assistants

The official mission of Brazil and the police director took advantage of the occasion to exchange police gifts from Brazil and the Dominican Republic, a formal gesture of respect and admiration between both countries and institutions.

The police director was accompanied by Generals Orison Olivense Minaya, deputy director of the National Police; Claudio Peguero Castillo, general inspector; Cristóbal Morales, Central Director of Human Resources, among others.

While the delegation of Brazilian military officers was Colonel Elziovan Matías Moreno Lima, commander of the 6th. Regional Command of the Federal District, and Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Pereira Margarido, commander of the Environmental Protection Unit.

Also Majors Rafael Delatorres Gaspar de Carvalho and Isangelo Senna Da Costa, Commander of Protection of Embassies, Communities of Lago do Sul and Tourist Policing, and the Head of the Operational Planning Unit of the Military Police, respectively, accompanied by the Dominican advisor before Brazil, Rafael Trinidad, and the country’s Military, Naval, Air and Police Defense Attaché in Brazil, Captain Abel Elías Esmurdoc.

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