Penadés celebrated the victory of List 71 as "the best gift" for the 30th anniversary of the group

Penadés celebrated the victory of List 71 as “the best gift” for the 30th anniversary of the group

The senator for the National Party and president of List 71, Gustavo Penadés, celebrated the victory of this group in the youth elections of the white party. In his victory speech, the legislator assured that this is “the best gift” that the list can have on the 30th anniversary of its founding.

“Congratulations to all the young people, to those who were encouraged to draw lists and to all those who made the effort,” began Penadés.

«If there is something that must be clear, it is that here it was won by the effort of everyone, everyone allowed 71 to be the list of young people with the most votes in Montevideo and that is the best gift you could have for 30 years of this group,” he said.

The leader of the group recalled the beginnings of it, of which he was a founder. «When I founded this sector I was 26 years old. One day, with a group of friends, we dared to put it together and that has made me love it and make them love it. I always felt that it belongs to everyone, that it is a group in which we are all worth the same, “he said.

Now what

For Penadés, even more important than victory is that the winners become aware of what it means.

“It is very important to know why we do this. It’s fantastic to gather 6,000 votes, but the important thing is to know why we made the effort. To beat the other lists? Of course they do, but you have to think about how to respond to those 6,000 people who voted for them,” he said.

“You have to think about why we did this, what is the role of those who will occupy places of representation, of those who will be elected to congress, in what way those 6,000 voters cannot be disappointed, how to win and maintain that trust. You have to think about how to make everything we talk about come true, because we are all part of a team, “he added.

In this sense, the legislator stressed that what comes will mark the future. «I would like that beyond the ‘opa, we beat so-and-so, I got more than this or the other’, they know that this is history, now is the time for responsibilities and exercising them well is what will allow us a new election of young people in five years, he said.

“I have to thank everyone because you do not know how well this result is for the list, which should not be taken as a number, because the list is something that lives, that is felt,” he concluded.

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