Number of workers in unemployment insurance fell 3% in February

The number of beneficiaries of unemployment insurance fell 3.4% in February and practicallye erased the increase (of 4%) that it had shown in January after seven consecutive months of declines. According to those released this Wednesday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), at the end of the second month of the year there were 46,437 people who were receiving this benefit, 1,624 less than in January and returned to the levels of last December (46,212 ).

As for the modalities unemployment insurance, 36,407 people (78%) are in full birth insurance, 1,899 less than in the previous month; and 10,030 in partial unemployment insurance (22%), 275 more than in January. The number of people who left unemployment insurance in February 2022 was 10,061, a figure similar to that registered in January (9,933).

56.3% of the workers who left unemployment insurance did so due to reincorporation (5,668) and 43.7% due to dismissal (4,393).. Also, during In February, 8,437 people entered unemployment insurance, 347 less than in January, and 2,762 people less than the 13,199 registered in December 2021.

Of the total number of workers who received unemployment insurance in February, 5,160 (61%) did so due to reduction or suspension, and 3,277 (39%) due to dismissal. In the month of January, the number of people who entered unemployment insurance due to dismissal was 5,112 (43.4% of the total).
Regarding the sectors of activity, there are no significant variations between branches or items, with stability in the figures and/or minimal reductions. However, in the agricultural sector there is an increase in the number of workers in unemployment insurance, associated with the seasonal activity and, especially, with the recently approved unemployment insurance for citrus workers, reported the MTSS.

Partial unemployment insurance extended

The Executive Power decided to extend this week the partial unemployment insurance for three monthsfrom April 1 to June 31, 2022, for the sectors of activity most affected by the covid-19 pandemic

The benefit includes activities such as processing and preserving food, beverages and tobacco; general trade; hotels, restaurants and bars; transportation and storage; teaching services; cultural, entertainment and communication services; professional services, specialized technicians and those not included in other groups; and union, social and sports entities, reported the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS).

“We are talking, according to January data, about 9,000 people who are sure of partial unemployment,” said Labor Minister Pablo Mieres. The decision is based on serving the most affected sectors while waiting for employment to resume its usual course.

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