They accuse Mayer of violating private property and building a bridge in a community of invaders

Mayer Mizrachi, candidate for Mayor of Panama, is at the center of controversy after being accused of building a pedestrian bridge on private lands illegally occupied by invaders in Chilibre.

The complaint, filed publicly by lawyers from the Vargas Foundation, reveals that Mizrachi built the bridge on private land where squatters reside and have been the subject of eviction orders since 2018.

In early March, Mizrachi announced the construction of a pedestrian crossing for a “community” in the Chilibre area, failing to mention that the construction area was on invaded land.

According to the lawsuit filed, an eviction was carried out in the area in 2018 without apparent difficulties. However, the invaders illegally occupied the properties again after the eviction proceedings.

The lawsuit states that Mizrachi built the bridge with the goal of gaining political support for his candidacy, benefiting the illegal occupants of the property. The construction was carried out without the consent or authorization of the Vargas Foundation, violating the constitutional right to private property enshrined in the Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama.

So far, Mizrachi’s campaign has not responded to these allegations. The lack of reaction to these serious allegations leaves open questions about the candidate’s actions and responsibility in this matter.

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