No, Banxico has not confirmed that this image is of the new 2,000 peso bill

No, Banxico has not confirmed that this image is of the new 2,000 peso bill

An image of the “new bill” of 2,000 Mexican pesos is being spread on Twitter and Facebook, with portraits of the poet Octavio Paz and the writer Rosario Castellanos. But, although it is false and it is a montage of photographs found on the internet, the image has already been shared thousands of times since November 2021.

The French agency AFP, through its Factual site, has already verified the information and reported that, although Banxico is considering creating a banknote with this denomination, there is still no official design for it.

“This is how the $2,000 bills that could come into circulation in the coming weeks will be,” says one of the most recent posts seen on Facebook.

Some users claim, without reason, that it will be illustrated, on the back, with the “ecosystem of dry forests, the magueyero bat and the agave.”

After a Google search, AFP found that the image was created in 2018 but became popular again at the end of 2021. The agency also indicates:

“When performing reverse searches on Google of the images of Octavio Paz, Rosario Castellanos and the agave field, which make up the alleged banknote, these were found in different files and websites that are not related to Banxico.”

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