En Quito, el uso de mascarilla en espacios públicos es obligatorio.

Low contagion will allow Ecuador to leave the mask

The measure would apply in public spaces. Doctors have criticized it for giving off a false sense of security.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a pandemic is contained when there is less than 5% of positivity of a disease. In the case of COVID-19the positivity means the number of tests whose diagnosis shows the presence of the disease for every 100 evidence taken.

At the moment, Ecuador borders 15% positivity and the authorities of the Ministry of Health (MSP) hope that the indicator continues to decline; This – pointed out Ximena Garzón, head of the MSP – would allow relaxing some of the biosafety measures in the country, for example, the use of face mask in public spaces.

The vaccine influences

Vaccination against COVID-19 It is another of the factors that would allow relaxing measures. Currently, there are 13.4 million people vaccinated with a complete schedule. While 3.2 million citizens have received the third dose.

However, Saskya Lemus, an epidemiologist, considers that Garzón’s statements can generate a false sense of security without political support. “When the COVID-19 It has not been declared endemic, we cannot say that Ecuador is a pandemic-free country, “adds the expert. (AVV)

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