New holiday on August 6: How much should I be paid to work on that day?

The Executive Power declared next August 6 as , in all public entities and institutions, in commemoration of the battle of Junín. The rule was published today in the newspaper El Peruano.

With this, article 6 of Legislative Decree 713 has been modified, which consolidates the legislation on paid breaks for workers subject to the labor regime of private activity.

In this sense, it is important to know all the details about this new holiday and how much the worker should receive for working on this date.

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How much should I be paid to work on August 6?

According to the Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría Study, workers have the right to paid rest on this date and must receive their ordinary remuneration corresponding to one day of work.

In addition, the work carried out on that date must be paid with the surcharge corresponding to the work carried out on a holiday, that is, a 100% surcharge, or subject to substitute rest.

However, when this holiday falls on a business day (Monday through Friday), it will not be considered a business day for purposes of accounting for judicial and administrative deadlines.

What are the remaining holidays of the year?

  • Battle of Junín (August 6)
  • Saint Rose of Lima (August 30)
  • Battle of Angamos (October 8)
  • All Saints (November 1)
  • Conception (December 8)
  • Battle of Ayacucho (December 9)
  • Christmas of the Lord (December 25)

What is commemorated on August 6?

The Battle of Junín was one of the last confrontations between the royalist and patriotic armies in the process of Peru’s independence, on August 6, 1824.

This battle was part of the emancipatory deed led by the Liberator Simón Bolívar for the independence of the nations of South America.

In addition, it prepared the stage that would be generated later in the Battle of Ayacucho, on December 9, 1824, where Antonio José de Sucre would face the Spanish Army for the last time and consolidate the end of Spanish rule with the independence of South America. South.


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