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“Grandma come in now, it’s cold”, twice the granddaughter asked Zulma Gómez, in the third she could not find her

In the relay of details surrounding the death of Senator Zulma Gómez, the Public Ministry collected testimonies from the family that, in the end, was decisive in ruling out a death caused by third parties.

And one of the key statements was the one given by one of the parliamentarian’s granddaughters, who told the prosecution that on two occasions she asked her grandmother to enter rooms on the farm, since she was out in the open, when the cold was getting worse

“Grandma come in now, it’s cold… it was the expression of the senator’s granddaughter, to which she responded both times that she was going to stay a little longer, that she needed to reflect,” says a part of the prosecutor’s report prepared by the agent Cynthia Leiva.

This is one of the participants in the case, she indicated for her part that apart from the procedures that have already been carried out, new analyzes will continue at the scene.

He announced that during the course of today, they will make a representation of hypotheses of how the fatal event could have occurred.

He affirmed that the possibility of crime is practically ruled out, but that the fall into the lake has not yet been defined if it was accidental or provoked, that is, self-elimination.

“We are going to do some investigative acts. The cases of drowning have not been typified unless it is something provoked, ”prosecutor Leiva complained to 730 AM. She agreed that there are still some technical aspects that need to be clarified, taking into account what has been revealed so far.

“The body was a little removed from the dock. It suggests that she did not submerge in the depth, but that the current stretched her to the camalotes. It’s 15 to 20 meters from the pier, and 15 to 20 meters from the shore,” she added.

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