Hombre en SJM pide a Luis Abinader que le cancelen la tarjeta Supérate

Man in SJM asks Luis Abinader to cancel his Supérate card

SAN JUAN DE LA MGUANA.- The master builder Francis Mojica45 years old, resident in the Cristo Rey sector of this municipality, with his claim that his get over yourself card because he no longer needs it, he becomes the first Dominican to do so from the beginning of the government’s social programs, from 1930 to date.

Mojica, said: “I turn to the media to request the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, who instructs me to be removed from social programs, because he has gone three times to the offices of the Unique Charity System-SIUBEN-, in this city, and they have not proceeded to cancel said card”.

At the time of writing this information, this editor made efforts to contact the regional director of SIUBENengineer Nicolás Núñez Lockward, but without result.

And later Francisco Mojica pointed out: “I have three children, I am austere, with my profession as a master builder I produce to support my family, this card that I still have, that they cancel it and assign someone else more needs than me.”

When answering a question, Mojica stated that it is possible that a case like his is not unique, but rather hundreds of people who, perhaps in the past, their condition economical was precarious, but today they carry out productive activities that have allowed them to raise their income and standard of living.

Mojica pointed out that he does not criticize that the governments develop policies and social programs to help the needy, but suggests that these programs be supervised from time to time, so that their case is not repeated.

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