Mujica: "We have to be more selective" with foreign investment

Mujica: "We have to be more selective" with foreign investment

The ex-president Jose Mujica was interviewed by the Argentine journalist Oscar Gonzalez Gold in the most recent program of the cycle Postscript. During the talk at his farm in Rincón del Cerro, the former president spoke about why he thinks that Uruguay has to be “more selective” with the foreign investments that come to the country.

“I am concerned about this tendency towards the transnationalization of all the chains, because a phenomenon that we did not see is appearing, that we lose sovereignty over the surplus,” said Mujica. “Because a transnational company comes, it puts me a supermarket here, a supermarket here, a supermarket here, or a pharmacy, but after the profit, it will take it where it suits the company and it has the world to look at. And I need the type that It is here, that it has a pharmacy and that it earns a peso, put it here. It leaves the petty bourgeoisie without issue and what happens to me with the petty bourgeoisie? Rentism passes me, “he considered.

“Half of the land that we have is leased, or he buys an apartment and rents it out. We need people who take risks, who run the risk of founding things and move forward, but they keep cornering us, the guy can’t put a bowling alley because there is a supermarket chain, you cannot open a pharmacy because there are chains and so on and the profits from these things go abroad because suddenly it is convenient for the owner of the chain to invest in Tanganyika,” added Mujica.

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