Man who murdered his two children is hospitalized; medical discharge is expected for him to be detained

Diario La R obtained information based on sources from the Prosecutor’s Office on the state of health of the man who murdered his two children. The incident occurred around noon on Tuesday, in the downtown area of ​​Montevideo, near Soriano and Ejido.

When the situation was known by the Police, they immediately went to the place and found the minors lifeless and the man injured, the product of a failed attempt at self-elimination.

Third-shift Homicide Prosecutor Adriana Edelman, who is handling the case, indicated that the man “is hospitalized and the idea from the Prosecutor’s Office is that he be detained at the time of medical discharge.” The objective of the prosecutor is that he be detained immediately to receive medical discharge.

Previously, the specialized prosecutor in Homicide Adriana Edelman, had given a brief press conference, when the macabre episode and its first bars were known. She maintained that “For now we do not know anything, we are just beginning and as soon as we have elements, as always, we will inform them.”

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