We need imperfectionist minds

We need imperfectionist minds

April 23, 2024, 4:00 AM

April 23, 2024, 4:00 AM

The ability to solve problems under uncertainty has become an invaluable skill in this changing world. Charles R. Conn and Robert McLean’s “The Imperfects: Strategic Mindsets for Uncertain Times” offers a fascinating look at six mental approaches that can make a difference in complex and volatile situations.​

In a report from the JP Morgan Bank in 2024, it states that Bolivia is in second place in “country risk” on the American continent after Venezuela, it is mentioned that we face unique challenges that require innovative and collaborative solutions, in the case of said report, Only an economic perspective is presented, however, there are equally important social problems, and one of them requires a fresh and multidisciplinary approach to resolution.

The first mindset, “Always Curious,” resonates especially in a society like ours. In a country full of contrasts and cultural diversity, curiosity can be the key that opens new doors towards more inclusive and equitable solutions.

The concept of “Dragonfly Eye” invites us to look beyond our own perspectives and consider multiple angles when approaching problems. In a country where cultural and geographical differences are evident, this mentality challenges us to find solutions that encompass all our richness and diversity.

The idea of ​​”Occurrential Behavior” reminds us of the importance of adapting as events unfold, rather than clinging to preconceived predictions. In a society where politics and economics can change rapidly, this mindset urges us to be flexible and receptive to change.

The notion of “Collective Intelligence” is especially powerful in a country like ours, where multiple cultures and perspectives coexist. By joining forces and drawing on the wisdom and experience of people from different backgrounds, we can find effective solutions to our most pressing problems.

The “Imperfectionist” mindset reminds us that the path to problem-solving can be gradual and experimental. We often face complex and multifaceted challenges, this mindset encourages us to learn from our mistakes and move forward with determination.

Finally, the “Show and Tell” mentality reminds us of the importance of communicating our ideas clearly and convincingly. Effective communication can make a difference, this mindset challenges us to tell powerful stories that inspire change and action.

These six mental approaches described by the book’s authors serve to solve problems under uncertainty by offering a valuable framework to address the challenges facing companies, societies, and countries. Without a doubt we have big problems, democracy is not perfect, polarization and hate speech are on the rise, among countless things to mention; That is why we need to adopt these “imperfectionist” mentalities, with a clear focus on resilience, dialogue and the search for collaborative solutions based on common points. Bolivia needs it.

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