Lacalle questioned the stoppage of education and assured that it is “just in case”

“About unemployment, a pity because those who lose are always the little ones. It’s a stop just in case, it’s like a gym. Unfortunately that is the action they take, which is within their rights. We don’t share”said the president in statements collected by Universal radio.

Regarding the means requested by the education unions, Lacalle Pou said: “We will see in which areas resources can be invested, education is one of those areas that needs it.” The president of ANEP, Robert Silva, and the Minister of Education, Pablo da Silveira, met weeks ago with the president where they presented a document about the points to take into account for the next Rendering of Accounts. Strengthening the resources for this sector is one of the demands of the Colorado Party.

Lacalle Pou said that he will submit this letter to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and announced that the next Rendering of Accounts will be similar to the previous one, with a tendency towards “zero spending”.


There will be a total stoppage of public educationadvanced José Olivera, leader of Fenapes, after meeting last Wednesday with the bench of legislators of the Broad Front, in the Legislative Palace.

Teachers prepare a national strike and a demonstration in front of the Executive Tower for that day, in which they will claim the government for a “cut” of US$ 80 million in the education budget between 2021 and 2022.

Education unions also expressed concern about the wage loss. “To this day, no one has come out to tell us how it is going to recover, (…) with the government’s electoral promise that in this period, no one was going to lose real wages,” Olivera claimed.

Furthermore, he said that there is a “freezing of works” this period and “lack of charges”in the administrative and services area, in addition to “wage inequalities”. “There are no plans to carry out new works, with a genuine budget, but there are works that are put into operation and there are no officials who can attend to these institutions,” he warned.

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