Siblings die during fire in Moca

Siblings die during fire in Moca

two little brothers minors They died burned this Saturday morning, in the Maco Tibio sector, located in MochaEspaillat province.

The mother of the minors is being held for investigation purposes, because, according to versions, the minors were alone in the house at the time of the fire.

The children could not be rescued in time as the fire, caused by an electrical short circuit, spread rapidly.

The little ones, children of the named Yenefry Pichardo, were identified as Yandel Marmolejos, three years old, and Isaias Pichardo, just three months old.

The fire consumed several houses located contiguously and that made up a hamlet in the aforementioned sector located near a ravine. Residents in the area had to help the firefighters, who had difficulty accessing the scene of the incident.


The Maco Tibio sector is made up of families with limited economic resources and is located very close to the river Mocha.

For decades, the neighborhood associations have demanded greater attention from the authorities for the repair of streets in poor condition, sidewalks and curbs.

Regarding the tragedy, they ask the authorities to come to their aid so that they can live with dignity.

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