Vice President inaugurated a course on Coercive Measures in Caracas

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, inaugurated in Caracas the Diploma on Coercive Measures that aims to study the mechanisms created by the Venezuelan people to overcome the economic blockade.

Accompanied by the vice minister of Anti-Blockade Policy, Wiliam Castillo, and the rector of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, Sandra Oblitas, Vice President Rodríguez highlighted: “When we think about the creation of the Venezuelan Anti-Blockade Observatory, we look for it from an expectation of study, of going to the depth and knowledge of a blockade that the Republic had never known.”

He predicted that true experts in this matter will come out of this course, so that “in this way they defend the Bolivarian nation, in addition to having ways for the Venezuelan people to emerge victorious.”

“We cannot combat illegal sanctions without knowing them and for that this deputy ministry (Anti-Blockade Policy) is created, which is in line with the Observatory of the International Center for Productive Investment,” Rodríguez specified.

He recalled that with the Anti-Blockade Law, the Observatory was created to study unilateral coercive measures, each of the issues related to the impositions made by the United States Congress and the seven Executive Orders, which “is where the entire legal framework that is it has applied to Venezuela, and I would say rather unlawful”, he sentenced.

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