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Inflation slows down for all income groups in January, says Ipea

The Ipea Inflation Indicator by Income Group points to a new inflationary deceleration for all income groups. High-income families registered the lowest inflation rate in the period (0.34%). The segment that presented the highest inflation in January this year was that of families with very low incomes (0.63%).Inflation slows down for all income groups in January, says Ipea

The January data were released today (15) by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea).

“In comparison with January of last year, there was a rise in inflation for all groups, with the impact being greater for the lower income class, whose inflation in January this year (0.63%) was triple that of January. of 2021 (0.21%)”, compared the Ipea researcher Maria Andreia Lameiras, author of the monthly indicator.

In the 12-month period, lower-middle-income families had the highest inflation rate, at a rate of 10.8%, slightly higher than that recorded by the very low-income bracket (10.5%) and above the high-income bracket. (9.6%).

According to Ipea, in January, in the analysis of disaggregated data, while all groups of goods and services pressured the inflation of the two lower income classes, the transport group brought inflation relief to the other groups.

Despite the food and beverage group being the main focus of inflation for all classes, the impact remains more intense for families in the very low range (with household income below R$ 1,808.79). Even in the face of energy (-1.1%), bottled gas (-0.73%) and gasoline (-1.1%) deflations, the rent readjustments (1.5%) and urban (0.22%), intercity (0.56%) and interstate (1.6%) buses resulted in inflationary impacts for lower-income families, in the housing and transportation groups.

In the case of families in the highest range (with a household income greater than R$ 17,764.49), the increase in recreation services, such as tourist packages (2.7%), accommodation (2.0%) and cinema (1, 9%) were the main responsible for the positive contribution made by the personal expenses group, in January of this year.

According to the study, the drop in fuels – gasoline (-1.1%) and ethanol (-2.8%) –, airline tickets (-18.4%) and transport by application (-18%) made the transport group bring inflationary relief to the highest income bracket.

The less intense rise in the price of vegetables (3.1%), fruits (2.7%) and coffee (0.32%) in 2021, the deflation of meat (-0.32%), clothing (-0.07%) and, above all, electricity (-5.6%) explain the more favorable performance of inflation for very low-income families.

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