Health workers meet 24-hour strike for better working conditions

Health workers meet 24-hour strike for better working conditions

The health workers of the department of Santa Cruz abide by a 24-hour strike, this Tuesday, February 15. Their demands are various, as stated in the call for unemployment, spread on social networks. The most important are job security and items for health workers. ANDn the hospitals of the public system only treat emergency cases.

The Ministry of Health is required to be summoned to the list of merits for levels I and II, the institutionalization and items according to growth vegetative population. Both the State portfolio and the Labor portfolio are required to be included in the General Labor Law.

They demand that the Government of Santa Cruzreturn the discounts made on the salary for the month of July 2021; also the institutionalization of the items that are paid by the departmental government. Likewise, they request a tariff table and the provision of adequate conditions and equipment in the work area.

The sector also has requests for the Mayor’s Office, such as the replacement of items and municipal contracts of those health workers who have died, have been retired or fired. They demand work continuity, refreshments that corresponds to them by law 1393, the payment of the vaccination allowance and the provision of uniforms.

In the same way, they reject the decision of the COEM to suspend the restrictions on hours and circulation, in addition to having allowed the celebration of the Carnival.

On the other hand, they demand an immediate agreement between the National Health Fund and the Oncology Institute for timely treatments and medications for cancer patients.

The health workers of the provinces also have requests: that their trade union jurisdiction and the rights of workers are respected; the continuity of work and the provision of snacks in first and second level hospitals.

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