Government grants legal personality to the Real Madriz Fútbol Club, a team financed with state money

Government grants legal personality to the Real Madriz Fútbol Club, a team financed with state money

The Ministry of the Interior (Migob), this Friday, March 31, granted legal personality to the Real Madrid Football Club Association (ASOREALMA), which according to the state entity has complied with the requirements according to the Law, to be legalized.

The legalization of the organization is covered by article 10, numeral 4 of Law No. 1115, General Law for the Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations and its reforms, Law No. 522, General Law on Sports, Physical Education and Physical Recreation, which states that “non-profit sports organizations for physical education and physical recreation, and union, business chambers, must validate their registration before the General Directorate of Registration and Control of OSFL in charge of the Ministry of the Interior”.

The administrative resolution, published in The Gazettedetails that the sports association is registered, thus granting it the perpetual number 7047 issued by the General Directorate of Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations, with which you can legally operate in the country.

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In addition, Migob points out that the Real Madrid Football Club Association “It must publish its statutes within a maximum period of 30 business days, in accordance with those established in article 23 of Law 1115”.

Real Madriz Football Club players. Photo: The First League

Regime legalizes to organisms that do not represent a “risk”

amuro ruizdirector of the canceled Fundación del Río, assured that the new legal status or validation that the administration of Daniel Ortega has granted, mostly “have been to sports organizations and very few to entities that work in development, that in our interpretation is could state that these organizations do not have risks, the regime does not see them as a risk, either because they are attached to the party itself, that is, the party can control these organizations or simply does not consider them a risk to deliver this legal status or make this validation process.

For his part, defense attorney Pablo Cuevas He pointed out that “it is a characteristic of the dictatorship to reward or punish,” referring to the fact that the Ortega regime authorizes certain organizations to operate in the country and makes others illegal and confiscates.

“He punishes those who do not pay homage to him, those who are not faithful to him, those who point to him, those who criticize him, those who do not obey him, those who do not join the troupe that they like, for example us human rights defenders (who) have not been part of their troupe, (…) then what’s happening?, They punish us, point at us and persecute us, the same as the organizations in which we work,” Cuevas said.

“There are other organizations that have been complicit in the dictatorship, or have been timid in their accusations or have been part of the abusive situation of persecution. To those organisms the regime he treats them with a silken hand, protects them and many times even finances them»he stressed.

Government grants legal personality to the Real Madriz Fútbol Club, a team financed with state money
Government grants legal personality to the Real Madriz Fútbol Club, a team financed with state money

He added that “I am aware that it is even giving legal status to other NGOs, but we are talking that they are part of them, they are satellites of the regime and everything they do is done for the convenience of the regime.”

Pablo Cuevas, from exile, reiterated that the Ortega dictatorship “punishes or rewards NGOs according to their behavior towards the government.”

On the other hand, an investigation of divergentrevealed that the Jalapa ART, CD Ocotal and Real Madriz FC teams are financed with funds from the municipalities of Jalapa, Ocotal and Madriz.

The journalistic team “managed to talk with players and managers who confirmed that the clubs are paid with public money,” the article reads.

In addition, they detailed that the Managua Mayor’s Office, controlled by its secretary, Fidel Moreno, “has disbursed at least 14 million córdobas from the treasury to finance a project that seems to be a whim of Moreno: the First Soccer League, created in 2016 with the justification for professionalizing sport in the country, but which has become an inefficient organization, not at all profitable and whose main characteristic is the leakage of public money to support it.

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