Pharmacists point to lack of medicines in public and private networks

Government authorizes 5.6% increase in drug prices

The federal government authorized this Friday (31) a 5.6% readjustment in the prices of medicines. The measure has already entered into force and the value can be applied by manufacturers.

The calculation is based on a price ceiling model based on the Extended National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) and other factors, such as productivity.

According to the resolution, published in the Federal Official Gazette, companies cannot sell medicines at prices higher than those determined by the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (Cmed). They will have to widely publicize prices in mass circulation vehicles and will have to keep an updated list of drug prices available to consumers.

The increase should reflect in the prices of approximately 10,000 drugs.

The readjustment takes place annually, from March 31, by the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (Cmed).

The Brazilian Institute of Consumer Defense (Idec) recommends that consumers should research websites or physical stores to find medicines with discounts and promotions, in addition, you must report anyone who is selling at abusive prices.

* With information from Renato Ribeiro, from Rádio Nacional

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