The mayor's office rules out links between Jhonny Fernández and the late Ruddy Sandoval

The mayor’s office rules out links between Jhonny Fernández and the late Ruddy Sandoval

March 31, 2023, 5:45 PM

March 31, 2023, 5:45 PM

The legal director of the commune, Bernardo Montenegro, tacitly ruled out any link between the late Ruddy Sandoval and Mayor Jhonny Fernández. Moreover, he announced that he will request the Public Ministry to investigate Sandoval’s real links with politicians in the country.

“Given the cowardly statements made by the incompetent and frustrated priest, Deputy Erwin Bazán, We want to absolutely deny the falsehoods that this deputy has spread against the mayor Jhonny Fernández, about alleged links with Ruddy Sandoval”, shot Montenegro.

He also assured that “it seems that Bazán forgets the real ties of this Mr. Sandoval with Creemos. Let’s not forget that this man was the godfather of an orchestra in endless acts of the Creemos campaignwho was a pilot for the Creemos candidates, who lent vehicles in different departments for the campaign,” he said.

The lawyer suggested “he Mr. Bazán before filling his mouth with the stupid things he is saying, ask for an investigation like we are going to do, to find out the real ties that Sandoval had with some politicians”.

According to Montenegro, most of the media showed Sandoval’s involvement with the Creemos people. “It is not possible that under the title of looking for a camera, he pretends to speak the falsehoods against the mayor (Johnny Fernandez)”.

He added that “through the Legal Department, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will be asked to determine the cause of death of this man and his ties.”

Ruddy Edil Sandoval Suárez He is the 37-year-old Bolivian found lifeless early Thursday morning inside his vehicle in the city of Corumba.

According to the first investigations, the police agents presume that Sandoval was murdered in Bolivia and then his body was transferred to the city of Corumbá. He was found inside a Toyota / FJ Cruiser vehicle with a Bolivian license plate, in the Industria neighborhood area.

The expertise will still be done, both necroscopic, and the crime scene report “stated the delegate on duty Adonis Ismerim Soares dos Santos, to Diário Corumbaense.

For his part, the deputy for CreemosErwin Bazán, denounced him for having links to drug trafficking and for links with Colonel Gonzalo Medinaformer head of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) and involved in the Pedro Montenegro case.

On that occasion, the parliamentarian revealed a warrant issued in November 2022 against Sandoval by anti-narcotics authorities.

Finally, Bazán accused Sandoval of maintaining a close relationship with the UCS councilor, Miguel Fernández, son of mayor Jhonny Fernández, He even released videos and photos where they are seen sharing parties with public officials from the commune.

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