There is a shortage of butter in Colombia: what is happening

There is a shortage of butter in Colombia: what is happening

The butter It is one of the most common products that can be found in a grocery store in ColombiaHowever, over the last year, this reality has been changing.

This is due to It has been increasingly difficult to obtain this product in the different commercial establishments in the country. What is the reason for the low supply of butter?

(‘Colombia has lost a lot by not supporting small-scale agriculture’).

Óscar Cubillos, head of the Fedegán Office of Planning and Economic Researchassured that milk products have had a slowdown in their production since December 2021: one of these products is, precisely, butter.

Cubillos, in statements for ‘Contexto Ganadero’, a medium specialized in the livestock sector in Colombia, He added that this shortage could take a long time because milk production continues with a downward trend.

(New rebound in remittances, with a 23% rise in February).

Another of the factors that Cubillos mentioned in view of the low supply of butter ands the low import of this product already manufactured and ready for approval and distribution.

(Consumers reduced the volume of their purchases).

Of the 72,589 tons of milk and other dairy products that entered the country in 2022. Only 42 corresponded to butter. Likewise, for the month of January, there were no imports of this product in the country.

(Inputs, the headache of producers in the country).

In matters of inputs, according to data from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), The annual variation of the consumer price tax between February 2022 and February 2023 was 34.55%one of the highest figures recorded since 2016.


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