General PNP Javier Gallardo is already in the hands of the Police

General PNP Javier Gallardo is already in the hands of the Police

The special police team captured General PNP (r) Javier Gallardo Mendoza on Tuesday night, investigated for alleged irregular promotions in the security forces in 2021 and who would have the former president as the head of the criminal network . “I put myself upright to collaborate with justice,” he said while being taken to a police unit.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the purpose of “taking over and achieving control” in the National Police, as part of the “police arm” that depended on the former head of state. “He would have integrated the criminal leadership linked to the leader and other members such as Bruno Pacheco, Jorge Tarrillo, Oscar Monge and Luis Tuesta”, reads the document from the Public Ministry.

Javier Gallardo, former General Commander of the Police, was intervened after giving an interview on a television channel. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán @photo.gec)

The investigation indicates that in order to achieve his criminal plan, Javier Gallardo was appointed as PNP commander-in-chief, who would have the entire confidence of the ex-president.

Last Monday, the special team against power corruption, headed by prosecutor Marita Barreto, investigated for allegedly having delivered a payment of US$ 40,000 to rise in rank, in 2021. Among the 27 homes you raided is that of the former Defense Minister, Walter Ayala.

“Through these interventions, 6 of those investigated were arrested. The proceedings, which include 26 searches nationwide, are carried out by prosecutor Luis Martínez, with the support of the special team of the Peruvian National Police (PNP),” the Prosecutor’s Office detailed on social networks.


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