Psychologist asks families to be understanding to avoid more cases of suicide

Psychologist asks families to be understanding to avoid more cases of suicide

The Ministry of Health reported more than 500 cases of suicide per year in our country. For its part, the National Police recorded more than two suicides during the month of December.

The graduate Claudia Landó, family therapist, neuropsychologist and psychopedagogue, carried out an analysis on why people resort to such drastic determination and what should be done from the family environment to combat it.

Why are suicides soaring on these dates?

On important dates for families, people with depression often commit suicide attempts or suicides themselves because they feel alone, because they feel that they are not understood. Suddenly they feel that they failed the family or the children for economic reasons. They get into a whirlpool of negative feelings and think that nobody understands them and that there is no way out.

In the family environment, what are the alarm signals that must be detected?

Sometimes it is well distinguished, but sometimes they are usually disguised. People who are suicidal may have smiles but deep down they are depressed. That is why it is difficult and the families do not realize it, the person who suffers from this does not speak and the family continues with their lives. It is important that people who have suicidal thoughts talk about it. If they are older they can go on their own. There are some symptoms such as behavior changes, locking themselves in their rooms, being unemployed, not wanting to go out or eat. They are different symptoms, but suddenly in families, it may be that out of ignorance they criticize them and that is worse. The family does this so that the person reacts, but it hurts the patients to listen to these criticisms.

What should the person who goes through this know?

The important thing is that everything has a way out. Finding yourself in that problem. Being inside, you don’t see the exit. There are people who had many attempts and had no solution. That is when they at least externalize. It’s good that they know that there is always a way out, and ending their life is not a solution either, the only thing we cannot solve is death. We all have the possibility of solving and many people will not understand them. If a trusted family member or friend can accompany you or listen to you even if they don’t have the solution, listen to them so they can get it off their chest. It is important that they understand that everything has a solution.

Once it has already been detected that a relative is going through this, what should their relatives do?

First approaching your family member, you tell him that you notice that he is sad, isolated or worried. If he can help you, that they love you, convey support, love and affection. Because at least they will know that someone noticed, that he is on her side and that he will be able to accompany her. Suggest professional support. Many people are prejudiced against psychiatrists, but depression is an organic problem, it can only be regulated with medicine. Also doing other activities such as physical exercises or good nutrition.

Lic. Claudia Landó, family therapist, neuropsychologist and educational psychologist.

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