Parte de los colaboradores voluntarios de Grupo Ramos.

Grupo Ramos relaunches its corporate volunteering

With the motto “We serve from the heart”, Grupo Ramos relaunched its Corporative volunteering and presented the new visual identity. The program was created in 2010 with the purpose of offering its collaborators the opportunity to channel their dedication to service. In addition, it contributes to the development and well-being of society.

Corporative volunteering. Oscar Faes, Mercedes Ramos, Nicole Bournigal, Joanna Figueroa and Santiago Soto.

The new logo and its colors

The new logo uses the blue and gray colors characteristic of the corporate image. Likewise, it is represented by a heart that contains in its center the tree that identifies and reflects the values ​​of Grupo Ramos. This has an emphasis on service and solidarity, which are manifested in the selfless dedication of volunteers, by donating their time, energy and skills to various social and environmental causes.

Mercedes Ramos, Elvin Gomez and Joanna Figueroa.
Mercedes Ramos, Elvin Gomez and Joanna Figueroa.

The novelties were announced in an act on the occasion of International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated in December. The purpose of the celebration is to thank all the people who, through this type of action, contribute to producing positive changes in society.


Employees of Grupo Ramos and representatives of various partner institutions with which the company develops programs to benefit the most vulnerable populations in the country, such as Fe y Alegría, Fundación La Merced, Fundación Solca, Cometas de Esperanza, TECHO RD, participated in the event. Heal a Nation, Operation Smile, Nest for Angels, Food Bank, World Vision, Salvation Army and Hope Packers.

Norma Cruz, Berenice Mendez and Beatriz Landaeta.
Norma Cruz, Berenice Mendez and Beatriz Landaeta.

Mercedes Ramos, executive president of Grupo Ramos, congratulated and thanked the volunteers and allied organizations. “They contribute to caring for and transforming our society and the environment for the better.” In a special way, she highlighted the commitment of the Corporate Volunteering ambassadors. They are a group of collaborators from different locations of the company. It should be noted that they are in charge of motivating, mobilizing and integrating their colleagues in this type of activity.

Corporate Volunteer
Nicole Sanchez

“It is extraordinary what we can achieve when we add wills to serve from the heart. This is precisely what we want to express with the new image of our Corporate Volunteering. In that same order, modeling with this program, which we developed with such passion and dedication”, highlighted the executive.

A journey through history

Tamara Navarro, leader of the Company’s Social Responsibility, took a tour of the history and achievements during the 12 years of the program. She highlighted the results of 2022, in which 14 activities have been carried out by 11 partner institutions. 157 volunteers participated, donating more than 650 hours of work.

During the event, the general coordinator of SERVIR D (Ignatian Volunteer Service), Julia Bucher, gave a talk on “the privilege and immense gift of being a volunteer”; and an emotional video was presented in which volunteers and allied organizations of Grupo Ramos shared their testimonies. At the end of the activity, the volunteers received buttons and certificates of recognition.

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