Father Edwing Román: "The authority received from God is not given to the enemies of God"

Father Edwing Román: “The authority received from God is not given to the enemies of God”

He father Edwing Roman, one of the most critical religious voices of the Government of Nicaragua, pointed out, through his Twitter account, the value of service and the authority that must exist in a society.

Alluding to the current situation in which the Catholic Church of Nicaragua is experiencing, where the Daniel Ortega regime accuses the clergy of money laundering, the priest stated that “authority is a service, not an imposition, it is not the despotic command of a political power, economic, religious.

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He indicated that, rather, authority should be based on “honesty, truth, integrity.” He also stressed —in reference to the Ortega y Murillo regime— that «authority received from God is not handed over to the enemies of God.”

After the onslaught of the Ortega dictatorship against Nicaraguans, the former parish priest of the San Miguel Arcángel de Masaya church urged, in another tweet, to ask for Nicaragua.

“Lord Jesus, I ask that with your power you dispel that thick black cloud that torments your beloved Nicaragua. Come, come, come Lord! Do not delay, your people despair, “he said.

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Since 2022, the Catholic Church in Nicaragua has been the object of constant siege and persecution by the Ortega Murillo administration, which has imprisoned at least four priests, including Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa.

In addition, the Nicaraguan justice system charged several dioceses of the Catholic Church with the crime of money laundering, while it formalized the freezing of the bank accounts of the religious institution, an action that is pointed out by critics and human rights defenders, such as an arbitrary and repressive action.

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