Actor Ricardo Becerra rescues the forgotten flavors of Cuban cuisine in his book ‘Sabrosura’

MIAMI, United States. – The Cuban actor and presenter Ricardo Becerra embarks on a culinary adventure with his book tastya compendium of 100 recipes that seek to rescue the authenticity of Cuban food, which, according to him, goes beyond congrí, yucca with mojo and ropa vieja.

“Among so many things that we have lost in more than 60 years are flavors,” Becerra said in a recent interview with Cuban newspaper. “We think that Cuban food is just arroz congrí, yuca with mojo, ropa vieja, but it is more than that.”

In his research for tasty, the actor and presenter explored the rich influences of Cuban cuisine, going back to the 1950s, when wealthy families in Havana sent their chefs to train in countries like Spain, India, Italy and Japan. “Those chefs came to Havana and fused those culinary cultures with our ingredients,” he recalled.

For the preparation of his book, the presenter had access to an old recipe book through René Álvarez, a Cuban historian who participated in his cooking program. Becerra told Cuban newspaper: “I began to study the story that Álvarez told me about some nuns in Havana in the 50s who collected recipes to sell a recipe book and invest the money in two wings of the Calixto García Hospital. In 1956 the nuns managed to get the book out, but few copies were made. I was lucky enough to find one because of Álvarez’s tremendous file.

Beyond the recipes, Becerra sought to connect with the intention and personalities of the cooks behind these dishes. He even found misspellings in the original cookbook that revealed more about the people behind the stove.

tasty it’s just the beginning of a series of books Becerra plans to release, each exploring the culinary culture of different countries. In addition, the actor will be appearing in the Disney Channel teen series, 4everwhich he says has increased his popularity among teen followers on social media.

The actor dedicated his book to “his old women”, the elderly people who were fundamental in his life. He assures that “the word is not offensive if it is used from affection.”

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