Two injured after house fire in Tinaquillo

A 41-year-old man and a 15-year-old adolescent were injured with burns, after a fire that broke out in a house located in the Buena Vista sector of the Tinaquillo municipality in Cojedes.

According to information provided by officials from the Cojedes fire brigade, the accident originated after a brush cutter that was in the residence, when it was turned on, caused a spark that detonated a plastic container filled with gasoline.

The house quickly went up in flames, but the neighbors, realizing the emergency, went out to fight the fire, the Firefighters arrived at the scene of the incident, however the situation was already under control.

The property is owned by the citizen Oswaldo Casadiego, 41 years old, who was seriously injured by third degree burns in 96% of his body, likewise a 15-year-old adolescent who was inside the house, also suffered injuries with second degree burns at the level of the lower extremities.

The victims were transferred to the Joaquina de Rotondaro hospital in the city of Tinaquillo, where they received medical attention from the personnel on duty.

another house on fire

In another event, a house located in the San Carlos sector of La Victoria burned down, where officials from the Cojedes Fire Department appeared at the scene, who appealed to a halligan bar -it is a special tool used by firefighters and police forces- in addition to a mandarria to force entry, since the house was closed.

The uniformed men managed to enter the property to control the fire, using a fumigator with 10 loads of 20 liters of water in the house, with no victims to regret.

So far, the causes of the accident are unknown, so the corresponding authorities will take the preventive measures that the case warrants to start an investigation.

  • Two injured after house fire in Tinaquillo
  • Two injured after house fire in Tinaquillo

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