Espinosa-Saldaña: ​​Resolution of the Inter-American Court on the pardon of Fujimori is a “pull of the ears” to the TC

For Eloy Espinosa-Saldaña, the decision of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDH), which ordered the non-release of the it is a “pull on the wrist” to the Constitutional Court (TC). The tribune indicated that the sentence went against the mandate of the international court itself.

“It is, at the international level, a slap on the face to the court for not understanding that he did not have to enter this film, for not understanding that the supervision is done by the Inter-American Court with the support of the Supreme Court, because it is a former president of the Republic”, Espinosa-Saldaña highlighted in an interview with Successful.

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The tribune explained that the former head of state was tried in Peru and sentenced to 25 years. “He has not been able to demonstrate that he is in a situation of humanitarian pardon, the 2017 pardon had a series of deficiencies”he added.

Along these lines, Espinosa-Saldaña explained that if an objective team, appointed by the Judiciary and the National Penitentiary Institute (Inpe), shows that the former president has a terminal illness, “Fujimori goes home, or goes to a clinic to be treated.”


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