Edgar Tello: "We hope that Pedro Castillo gets back on track so that the population can have confidence again"

Edgar Tello: “We hope that Pedro Castillo gets back on track so that the population can have confidence again”

congressman (Free Peru) maintained that the President of the Republic, you must “get back on track” during the conformation of what will be your room since he took office, in July 2021.

I salute the president because he has given the predisposition to recompose the Cabinet. (…) We are here to join the population, which is waiting for that change that was said in the campaign and we hope that Professor Pedro Castillo resumes that path so that the population regains that confidence.”, expressed the legislator in dialogue with RPP.

Likewise, the parliamentarian representing Lima lamented the “error” that meant the appointment of Héctor Valer as a replacement for Mirtha Vásquez in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) due to his “confrontational” nature.

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The President of the Republic has had the good intention of creating a Cabinet of consensus, plural, but unfortunately there has been an error that he has not been able to perceive, in the sense that instead of having a Prime Minister who is consensual, dialogues, rather it has been confrontational and that has not seemed correct to the benches ”, I note.

At another time, regarding the advisers to the head of state and the so-called “gcloset in the shade”, Tello Montes was confident that Castillo Terrones would evaluate the situation to “direct” his administration.

I believe that the president has surrounded himself with allies who contribute to him, but we are seeing that far from contributing, they are subtracting. I am sure that the president is evaluating and reflecting and he will make a timely decision to be able to direct and continue the management”, he concluded.

Resignation of Hector Valer

On the afternoon of Saturday the 5th, the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Héctor Valer, announced that he had made his position available to the president. In dialogue with the press, he pointed out that he considered himself “an obstacle” to the consensus that the Executive seeks to reach with the political forces and parliamentary benches.

I come to tell you that I accept defeat, machine-gunned by newspapers in Peru that belong to a group, at the same time linked to the extreme right, that built an image of this combatant as an abuser and violent“, Held.


Perú21TV spoke with the psychotherapist Gonzalo Elías about the attitudes of Prime Minister Héctor Valer.

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