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A Libyan charter flight arrives in Managua, with Africans heading to the United States

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A Libyan charter flight arrives in Managua, with Africans heading to the United States

On the morning of this Saturday, May 18, a flight from the Ghadames Airlines airline, from Libya, landed at the Managua International Airport, loaded with more than 300 passengers who are being illegally transferred to the United States through networks. transnational migrant trafficking organizations, according to the media 100% Noticias.

The plane, which took off in Benghazi, Libya, would have made a direct flight of approximately 14 hours from that country located in North Africa, and landed this Saturday at 6:54 in the morning in Managua, transporting a total of 356 passengers, all They would be migrants, according to data obtained by the media.

The aircraft that transported the migrants is owned by Ghadames Airlines, and it is a Boeing 777-246 type aircraft with registration number NJ1003.

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According to 100% Noticias, his sources informed him that in recent weeks, at least two more flights, similar to this Saturday’s, landed in Managua, also from Libya.

Article 66 He searched on the official website of the International Airport Management Company (EAAI) for the arrival of the flight from Libya, but it is not registered. All international flights arriving in the country are supposed to be recorded on the arrival records page.

If that flight from Libya arrived in Managua with migrant passengers going to the United States and is not registered on the official website, it confirms that the transnational networks of illegal migrant trafficking are colluding with the Sandinista government, because otherwise it could not be hidden. the arrival of one of those flights.

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The arrival of flights from Africa, transporting migrants to Nicaragua, occurs in the midst of the warning issued by the US authorities to all airlines and travel agencies so that they do not get involved in migrant trafficking because they are vigilant in that regard and They will apply sanctions and even civil and criminal judicial processes to those who are involved.

The US Department of Homeland Security accused dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo of being part of international migrant smuggling networks by implementing permissive policies that encourage human trafficking.

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