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Guatemalan Army continues to support forest fire suppression tasks

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As part of the actions that contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources, the Guatemalan Army, in coordination with other member institutions of the National Coordinator System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED), local communes and volunteers, continues to develop operations to the detection, combat, control and suppression of forest fires that occur in different areas of the country.

During the 2024 forest fire season, military units have contributed to the suppression of 616 incidents, using a total of 21,461 soldiers, eight aircraft and 706 unloading operations that translate into 225,920 gallons of water that were released on the flames. . It should be noted that Petén is the department with the highest number of incidents during this forest fire season.

These actions continue to be replicated this day, in six fires that are active in Corozal, San José, Petén, Las Cienegas, Livingston, Izabal; Vuelta Grande, Cerro El Zopopero, Cuilco, Huehuetenango; Laguna del Tigre, Chocop and La Corona National Park, in San Andrés, Petén and Filo Quebrada Seca, Teculután, Zacapa, where Guatemalan soldiers demonstrate their commitment to contributing to the security of Guatemalans and the protection of nature.

The Guatemalan Army keeps its units ready, ready to respond to all emergencies that the CONRED System requires, throughout the Republic, with all available means; Likewise, it urges Guatemalans to prevent these incidents in their localities and notify the corresponding authorities. these events.

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