Dina Boluarte must look to the center to form a government of "national unity"

Dina Boluarte must look to the center to form a government of “national unity”

With the fall of the ultra left, which accompanied Pedro Castillo in these disastrous months of management, the future of the government of the first woman to assume the Presidency of the Republic, will depend on the ability to achieve consensus and convene a broad-based cabinet, for which she would have to look towards the center, which is, in the current situation, the sector that least resistance generates.

Among those appointed to integrate the first cabinet of the “national unity” government, who are precisely located in that political segment, are the former Ombudsman Walter Gutiérrez (2016 – 2021) and the former Minister of Defense and Culture during the era of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Jorge Nieto, who, when consulted by Peru21They did not rule out this possibility.

The latter stated that Boluarte must convene a “national salvation cabinet” with support and support in Congress. “We need to get out of the confrontation between Congress and the Executive. The only way is for the cabinet to have the support and consensus of the legislature,” said Nieto.

A trusted man who could also make up the Council of Ministers and was seen yesterday entering the Government Palace is Boluarte’s lawyer, Alberto Otárola, who had her defense in the process before Congress that sought to disqualify her from public service for allegedly constitutional violation, complaint that was finally filed last Monday.

The non-grouped congressman Carlos Anderson, one of the promoters of the vacancy against Castillo, agreed that the cabinet must be broad-based, with respected personalities in each of its sectors and that, for the good of the country, the Legislature will give the benefit of the doubt to the new head of state.


Born in Chalhuanca, Apurímac, Dina Boluarte defines herself in political terms as a “democratic, non-totalitarian or sectarian left.” This was stated by the 60-year-old lawyer in a statement after being expelled from Peru Libre on January 23.

As a professional experience, in addition to having been the owner of the Midis, his time at Reniec (2007 – 2021) and his two managements at the Apurímac Departmental Club stand out.


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