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Catholic Church demands educational transformation without “gender ideology”

In his fourth letter to the Paraguayan people, Monsignor Ricardo Valenzuela, bishop of Caacupé, affirmed that cyclically situations appear that seek to make changes in education and groups that propose changes and others that refuse those reforms are formed around this controversy.

“Not infrequently the groups come to verbal violence, harassment, easy disqualification, defamation and affront. The Church maintains its position of respecting the National Constitution and the Doctrine on life. Despite the strong pressure exerted by lobbies National and international, we continue betting on our faith in the Word of God, in the family and in life as a divine creation”, he highlighted.

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The religious leader acknowledged that the Paraguayan educational system is deficient and needs to be transformed, but stressed that this Change must be made “without ideologies that distort human nature”. “This education must be comprehensive and integrated and must respond to the entire reality of men and women, an educational process that respects the sexual and cultural identity of the Paraguayan people and the transcendent dimension of life. As Pope Francis warns us, we must Beware of “ideological colonizations” that undermine the foundation of the culture of the peoples. We want our children and young people to grow up like Jesus”, he highlighted.

Likewise, during the novena of the Virgin of Caacupé other religious also urged to avoid falling into “foreign ideologies”.

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The entrance Catholic Church demands educational transformation without “gender ideology” was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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