They say Elías Piña is a province forgotten by the government

They say Elías Piña is a province forgotten by the Government

Santo Domingo.- Members of the True Future Foundation They assured this Wednesday that “Elías Piña is a province forgotten by the government” this being the main reason for its high percentage of poverty and the reason that has led them to take this part of the country as the main objective of the organization.

“This is a province rich in natural resources such as water, however, it is the poorest since it does not have political representation, on the contrary, it is completely abandoned,” said agronomist Milton Martínez, a collaborator with the foundation.

He assured that for the Dominican State “small is irrelevant” since a network of small projects focused on agriculture and the environment would be a good initiative for this town with a great tourist future.

Milton Martinez during his participation in the weekly lunch of the Corripio Communications Group.- Jose de Leon

It is for this reason that the institution has decided to “bet on the province” by contributing to its development with the aim of turning it into a “livable and renewed area, eliminating the stigma that characterizes it up to now.”

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The foundation

certain future is a non-profit entity that is responsible for the construction of homes in underdeveloped areas of the country and that seeks to turn them into models of community neighborhoods.

Up to now they have made it possible to build a series of houses that are friendly to the environment, “using the same land for their construction and creating small orchards to harvest their own food.”

Also, among its main functions is literacy and psychological support for children from various communities who do not have access to quality education.

They say Elías Piña is a province forgotten by the government
Milton Martínez, Mayra Paulino, José Guerrero, Marcelle Martínez and Domingo Abreu, members of Fundacion Futuro Cierto, during the Corripio Communications Group Lunch.

“So far, more than 300 children have been impacted by us,” said José Antonio Guerrero, president of the entity.

They stressed that all this is possible thanks to the contribution of each one of the people and institutions that decide to contribute with the sum of 1 dollar or more.

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They called on the Dominican business community and civil society to take the country’s development as a priority and join the cause.

Their statements were issued at the weekly lunch of the Corripio Communications Group, where other members of the institution also participated, such as Domingo Abreu, environmentalist; Marcelle Matínez, architect and Mayra Paulina, Cognitive Behavioral psychologist.

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