"I'm going to try to get away": Salinas on a possible candidacy in 2024

"I’m going to try to get away": Salinas on a possible candidacy in 2024

“My idea is to dedicate myself to my profession. medical profession. Maybe if you have to give a hand, but not from the candidate’s point of view. I am telling (Guido) Manini who is present here. I’m going to try to get out of it as much as possible, it’s a commitment to my wife as well”expressed the hierarch in a conference of Breakfast ADM (Association of Marketing Managers) that was held this Wednesday.

The lobbying minister remarked that his position at the head of the Public Health portfolio (MSP) “has an expiration date”, March 2and joked that it will arrive until that date “if the president” Luis Lacalle Pou “endures” it.

For Salinas, his almost three years at the head of the Ministry They meant “a very important sacrifice and renunciation personally and in the family”for which he thanked his wife, who “has always been supporting.”

He also made it clear what he thinks his legacy will be: “I am condemned to the covid, I am going to be the covid minister”.

The minister was asked if he could confirm his successor, the current general director of Coordination of the MSP Karina Randopresent at the ADM event. “You have to ask the president and General Manini Ríos, today a senator. In principle, yes,” answered.

“I am going to dedicate myself to medicine, to my profession”declared about his future after resigning as Minister of Health. “As they say on LinkedIn, ‘open to work’ since April 1. I need to work”, joked.

Salinas explained that he will not return to “a personal private activity”, but rather seeks a “dependent task in the private sphere.” “I think I have a chance to get a job”he concluded between laughs.

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