Former President Pedro Castillo was on his way to the Mexican embassy when he was arrested

Former President Pedro Castillo was on his way to the Mexican embassy when he was arrested

Pedro Castillo and his family, leaving the Presidential Palace in Lima, took two vehicles and on the way decided to go to the Mexican embassy. However, the officers accompanying the delegation received superior orders to arrest the ex-president. On the night of Wednesday, December 7, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrad said that if Castillo requests asylum, his country will grant it to him.

A police report, to which the media in Peru had access, revealed that former President Pedro Castillo intended to seek asylum, along with his family, in the Mexican embassy in Lima. However, he was arrested before he reached the legation.

Castillo and his family, together with the former chief of staff, Aníbal Torres, boarded two vehicles and left the presidential palace with an “unknown address”, as the head of the presidential escort, Major Luis Alarcón Trujillo, said.

The police report states the following:

“When we were at the intersection of Tacna and Nicolás de Píerola avenues, the SS PNP Nilo Aladino Irigoin Chávez —immediate security for the president— ordered the S1 PNP Josspeh Michael Grandez López —driver of the vehicle with license plate EGY-552 ( chest)— go to the Mexican embassy (…) so he continued towards the headquarters of this embassy”.

But Sergeant Grandez received the call from the director of State Security, General Iván Lizetti, ordering Castillo’s arrest and then the entourage was arrested.

Once arrested, the Prosecutor’s Office ordered to initiate preliminary proceedings against former President Pedro Castillo for the alleged commission of the crimes of rebellion and conspiracy, after allegedly “breaking the constitutional order.”

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The former president was taken to the headquarters of the Special Operations Directorate (Diroes) of the Peruvian National Police, where former president Alberto Fujimori is also being held. This occurred after being detained for eight hours in the prefecture of Lima.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrad, assured on the night of Wednesday, December 7 that he had not received a formal request for asylum from today’s former President Castillo and that his legal status is unknown.

“We have a favorable asylum policy, I don’t think we would refuse, if he asks for it we consider it and in a positive sense, we do not oppose it, but he has not done it,” Ebrad said in a radio interview with Grupo Fórmula.

The Congress of Peru dismissed President Pedro Castillo for moral incapacity, a few hours after the president ordered his temporary dissolution. With 101 votes in favor, six against and ten abstentions, the entity summoned the current vice president Dina Boluarte at 3:00 pm for her appointment as provisional president.

Instead, Dina Boluarte assumed the provisional presidency of Peru, becoming the first woman to reach the highest office in that country, who called for a broad process of dialogue between all the political forces “represented or not in Congress” and requested a “political truce” to establish a government of “national unity”. She informed that her management will be until July 28, 2026.

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