Congressman Enrique Wong on audio of María del Carmen Alva: “Apparently it has been edited”

The second vice president of Congress, Enrique Wong (Not Grouped), referred to the broadcast audio of the head of that state power, (Popular Action), and said that she told them that apparently “it has been edited.”

In statements to journalists, he indicated that through the Control Commissionsaid recording could be requested, in order to authenticate its veracity.

“Conversing with the president, she has told me that these audios have been edited. (In) the audios the statements are also changed “he expressed.

“We are going to try to reach the source where these audios would have spread and we could, through the Audit Commission, request these audios. We need to see if those audios are real”he added.

However, Wong considered that Alva Prieto “has conditions” to assume the Presidency of the Republic in case the president peter castle sea ​​vacado and his vice president Dina Boluarte be disqualified for signing official documents of the Apurímac Departmental Club when she was already a minister, something prohibited by law.

“The president has sufficient training, she is a lawyer, and the experience she has in Congress (where she has) worked for a long time and now as president. I think she has conditions”he underlined.

“I think that every politician always aspires to reach the top magistracy because we believe that Peru is better served there. What we want is for the most prepared person to arrive, with the most experience and the ability to govern”sentenced.

Statements by Congressman Enrique Wong
Statements by Congressman Enrique Wong on the audio of the President of Parliament, María del Carmen Alva. (Video: Channel N)

As you remember, in the recording Maria del Carmen Alva ensure that yes peter castle is removed from office, the current Parliament “does not have to disappear”and that a campaign can be promoted to spread the interpretation of constitutionalists in favor of elections being only presidential and not general.


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