Abinader inaugurates works and delivers Supérate cards

Santiago. President Luis Abinader led the inauguration of an apartment project and the reconstruction of Francia Avenue, handed out cards from the Supérate program in acts where he ratified that he will bring tranquility to Dominican neighborhoods and homes at whatever cost.

During the inauguration of the six-kilometre works on Francia Avenue, the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, reported that another 32 works were also delivered throughout the province of Santiago. He said that they paved the streets of the Nibaje, El Congo, Pueblo Nuevo, Ensanche Bermúdez, Ensanche Román, Las Muñecas, Los Santos, Las Cayenas, Cecara sectors, access to the North ring road in Tamboril, the parking lots of the Gran Arena del Cibao , and the José María Cabral and Báez and Estrella Ureña regional hospitals and the construction of neighborhood roads. The ministry also paved several streets in neighborhoods of the Villa Bisonó municipality (Navarrete). The official said that in Santiago they carry out works for more than 10 billion pesos.

other acts

Prior to the inauguration of the avenue, President Abinader went to the Beijing sector, south of Santiago, where he handed out 600 get over yourself cards, in an act at the sports center. While in the La Ciénaga community, north of Santiago and together with the Minister of Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla, they delivered the first 60 apartment units of the “Mi Vivienda” project.

In the act, the president reaffirmed that his management is committed to guaranteeing the right and establishing opportunities so that everyone can opt for that home they dream of so much. “Our government is determined to transform this country with concrete, measurable actions that always respond to the interests of the Dominican people. Here once again we do, we comply and we will continue working to improve the lives of the people, of our people.” he highlighted.

On his side, Bonilla reported that the project contemplated an investment of 1,505 million pesos, with which more than 2,000 people will benefit and currently generates more than 1,300 direct jobs. “All the beneficiaries who are with us today are sitting here on their own merit, because they pay their taxes, because they work, because they honor their commitments. So this is not only an achievement of a government that complies with its people, but it is an achievement of citizens who, like you, want their family to progress, for the country to progress” he highlighted.

Visit school and meet with deputies

After the delivery of houses in the community of La Ciénaga, President Luis Abinader moved to the Ciudad Santa María project, in the La Otra Banda sector of this city, and there he heard about the operation of the program developed by that community educational center. The president also held a private meeting at the Gran Almirante hotel with PRM deputies from the province, but what was discussed was not disclosed.

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