The Hot Sale invoiced $42,000 million in three days

41 million purchase orders were completed with 10 more than in the 2021 edition
4.1 million purchase orders were made, with 10% more than in the 2021 edition.

The ninth edition of the mega online sales event, which took place between Monday and Wednesday of this week, reached a total turnover of $42,000 million, equivalent to more than $585 million pesos sold per hour, with the participation of more than 3 .7 million Argentines who browsed the official site in search of the best deals.

The ninth edition of the mega online sales event known as Hot Sale, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce, had the participation of 1,091 companies and more than 3.7 million users who entered the official site ar, reported the organizing chamber.

During the 72 hours in which the event lasted, sales of products and services were made for a total of $42,167,000,000, which represents a 69% growth in billing compared to Hot Sale 2021.

4.1 million purchase orders were registered, 10% more than in the 2021 edition, while the value of the average ticket grew by 54%, reaching $10,111.

“We are very happy with the results of this new edition of the Hot Sale, which featured more than 14,000 mega-offers and extensive financing options. This represented a great opportunity for buyers, who did not hesitate to take advantage of the three days of the event, said Alberto Calvo, President of CACE.

These results “speak of a consolidated digital channel, which is increasingly chosen by Argentines and provides a great boost to the 1,091 participating companies and their entire value chain,” he added.

When evaluating the categories most purchased by users in this edition, the Chamber identified that Tickets and Tourism once again led purchases, a category that was displaced in recent editions due to the pandemic.

They are followed by appliances, air conditioners, cell phones and telephones, which speaks of planned purchases, which users have been evaluating and took advantage of the event to make.

Thus, the Top 10 categories with the highest turnover were made up of Tickets and tourism, Electrical appliances and Air conditioners, Cell phones and telephones, Electronics, audio, video and TV, Home, furniture and garden, Cosmetic and personal care products, Clothing (not sports ), Sports clothing, Mattresses and box springs and Computers.

In terms of categories and best-selling products per unit, items of personal care, cosmetics and food and beverages were recorded.

A similar growth trend was recorded in Tiendanube, where a total turnover of $3,079,674,332 was recorded over the three days, 84% more than in 2021, with 312,230 transactions (+11%), 883,248 items sold ( +13%) and an average ticket per sale of $9,863.

As for the shipping methods chosen, 73% of sales were sent to homes, while 27% opted for withdrawal at physical stores or pick-up points, while the means of payment account for 73% of sales. were paid through credit cards, 62% in one payment and 13% in 6 interest-free installments.

The three segments of star products were in clothing, decoration and home, health and beauty.

As curiosities of this edition, sales of the Erotic category grew by 64% compared to 2021, with a total turnover of $2,132,536, and the most chosen products in this segment were lubricants, vibrators and erotic lingerie and the average ticket reached the $7,790.

In addition to the big brands and chains, entrepreneurs also had a great presence at the consumer event.

“In our case, we received 300% more orders versus a normal day and nearly 500% more site traffic. Almost 60% of the users came from the official Hot Sale site”, says Agustina Belelli, E-commerce Manager of Tejano, a clothing company from Córdoba.

Aire Objects Decorative sells party favors and decorations for parties and sold out the stock of products from Argentina: “We thought we were anticipating a lot and some products sold out of stock the same week they arrived. There is so much enthusiasm for the World Cup that many kids are asking to celebrate their birthdays with this theme”, says Soledad Dichio, owner of the business.

“We registered an average conversion rate of 3.97% (on normal days, it is close to 2%) and a daily billing 10 times higher than normal,” says Romina Moine, Director of the Interactúa Agency in charge of Digital Marketing. of Iberia Hogar, cleaning products business.

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