Carlos Anderson: "The president has a wrong idea of ​​what it means to run a state"

Congress: Mayor Official notified that Podemos Peru ceased to be a bench after the resignation of Carlos Anderson

The Official Office of the Congress of the Republic notified José Luna Gálvez that It officially ceased to be a bench after the resignation of Carlos Anderson, one of its members, last Wednesday the 16th.

In an official letter sent by Hugo Rovira Zagal, it is specified that We can Peru it ceased to have the status of a parliamentary group as it did not have the minimum number of members established by the regulations of Congress.

“As a consequence of this, the powers of a parliamentary and administrative nature contained in the Congress Regulations cease to be applicable, and the appropriate actions must be taken”detailed in the document.

This way, We can Peru adds to Purple Party like the political groups that stopped being benches. In the case of the latter, his situation changed after the parliamentary alliance with We are Peru.

As you remember, the congressman Charles Anderson finally confirmed his resignation We can Peruwith which said parliamentary group came to have only 4 members and lost the status of bench.

In statements to the press, the legislator stressed that he does not want to belong to a parliamentary group that has shown a close relationship with the President’s government peter castle.

“I was hoping that they would give me some satisfaction about this too close proximity (with the Government), using positions and access to power as a bargaining chip. I am very far from those things and I do not want to belong to a bench of this nature “he expressed.


The magistrates approved the habeas corpus presented by a lawyer to annul the decision that went against the pardon of the former president.

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