Three tons of drugs seized in Guayaquil

The alkaloid was found by the Police in a trailer that transported the illegal cargo inside a container.

The ecuadorian police reported this Friday (March 18, 2022) the seizure approximately three tons of drug on Guayaquilalthough it has not yet specified what kind of alkaloid it is about.

“Units of Ecuador Police located a heavy-duty vehicle carrying a container, with approximately 3 tons of alkaloidsin Guayaquil,” the institution wrote on its Twitter account.

He added that during the police operation, a person with a criminal record, two vehicles and other evidence linked to the investigation were apprehended.

In the aforementioned social network, the Police included photographs in which dozens of brick-type packages can be seen, with a brown wrapper and the number “7575”.

Police offered to provide more details about the seizure at a news conference.

It is one of the results of the operations carried out by the Police, which on March 11 reported the dismantling of a clandestine laboratory for the processing of drugsdiscovered in a rural sector of the coastal province of Esmeraldas, bordering Colombia.

The institution, in addition, then indicated that 12 people, eight Ecuadorians and four Colombians, were arrested on suspicion of belonging to a gang known as «The Tiguerones«, Accused of being involved in this crime.

The Police specified that the clandestine laboratory was found in the Mataje area, in the northwest of Esmeraldas.

According to the police report, the gang of «The Tiguerones» would be dedicated to the distribution of psychotropic substances within the country and illegal trafficking abroad.

It is estimated that the illegal activity of this gang allowed a production of 500 kilos of drug per week, for subsequent shipment to domestic consumer markets and transfer to countries in Europe and North America.

So far this year, more than 41 tons of substances have been seized in Ecuador alkaloidsthrough 1,946 operations, in which 2,176 suspects have been arrested, according to a Police statement.

In 2021, Ecuador broke a record with the seizure of 210 tons, according to official data from the National Police. EFE

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