Comptroller launches platform with information on candidates for regional governors and mayors

Comptroller launches platform with information on candidates for regional governors and mayors

Looking ahead to the upcoming 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections, the made available to more than 24 million 760 thousand voters, the information platform “In these elections, you have control”, where you can access the Sworn Declarations of Interests (DJI) of the candidates.

Likewise, you will be able to access your sworn statements of income, assets and income for those who were authorities and/or public officials; and, in addition, to know if they were included in any control report.

During the presentation of the virtual platform, the comptroller general, Nelson Shack, called for the commitment of citizens to assume a responsible attitude, since “we are not for improvisations”but make decisions based on an informed vote in a thoughtful and responsible manner, for which it is necessary to know the people whom we want to elect as regional and municipal authorities.

In this framework, he recalled the budget execution carried out by the national, regional and local government authorities during the year 2021. In this regard, he stated that the regional and local governments manage 36.8% of the national public budget, whose general total executed last year amounted to 198 thousand 918 million soles.

“In Peru, regional and local governments manage and execute more than 57% of the general budget in terms of public investment. And indeed, the resources allocated to public investment have grown steadily”he expressed.

“However, the task of effectively closing gaps in access to such necessary public services as health, education, water, roads, among others, is still pending, because not all is spent and not well spent; the public purpose is not fulfilled and the trust and hope of Peruvians is betrayed”Shack added.

He indicated that this virtual platform, which contains information in a systematic, agile and friendly manner, is put at the service of the country’s citizens so that, through transparency and access to information, they can cast a conscientious vote. It can be accessed through the link: and also from the institutional website .

Information to exercise an informed vote

on the platform “In these elections, you are in control”citizens will be able to find information on the Sworn Declarations of Interests of a preventive nature that, in a mandatory way, The candidates for governors, regional councilors, mayors and aldermen must present themselves, from August 11 to September 2. The information refers to their personal, family, economic, labor and financial ties.

Citizens may also have access to the Sworn Declarations of Income, Assets and Income of those candidates who were civil servants and public servants, and have the obligation to declare their personal data, that of their spouse, as well as information on assets, real estate, savings and investments in the financial system and other assets and income (Law 27482 and its Regulations).

In the same way, it will be possible to know if any candidate, who previously held a public office at the national, regional or local level, has sanction for administrative responsibilityor is included (a) in any control report for alleged criminal, civil and/or administrative liability.


Likewise, through this web tool of the Comptroller’s Office, voters will be able to identify and alert cases of alleged inappropriate use of public assets and resources for electoral purposes by authorities, servants and/or public officials. The alert or complaint can be anonymous, and is submitted through a web form.

It should be noted that there are 7 situations of non-compliance that can be alerted, such as the use of offices, goods and resources owned by the State for political activities and the dissemination of electoral propaganda; distribution for electoral purposes of material acquired with public resources or donations, the use of money from the petty cash of a public entity, among others.

In the upcoming elections on October 2, 13,032 new regional and municipal authorities will be elected for the 2023-2026 period, including 25 regional governments, 25 regional deputy governors, 342 regional councillors, 196 provincial mayors, 1,714 provincial councillors. , 1,694 district mayors and 9,036 district councillors.


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