Request preventive detention woman ran over two men in María Auxiliadora

Request preventive detention woman ran over two men in María Auxiliadora

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Public Ministry filed with the Special Traffic Court the request for preventive detention against the woman who ran over a group of people who were playing dominoes in the María Auxiliadora sector, where a man died and another was injured.

The Prosecutor’s Office established in the Automobile Assistance Center of the National District requested that a hearing be set to learn about the coercive measure that Yenda Ismelda Rojas Santana, who was driving a Honda Civic car at high speed and with actions that violated the regulations, will have to take advantage of. traffic.

After evaluating the case and examining the most suitable measure that guarantees the presentation of the detainee in the acts of the process, the organ of the accusation requested that the one foreseen in article 226, numeral 7, of the Code of Criminal Procedure be imposed.

The request instance establishes that on Saturday, August 6 at 11:00 in the morning while Andrés Samuel Ozuna and Gregorio Cuello were playing dominoes on Albert Thomas Street, in the aforementioned sector, they were run over by the car that Rojas Santana was driving.

It indicates that, given the blows and injuries received from the impact, personnel from the National Emergency System 9-1-1 transferred the two men to a hospital in the area, where Ozuna died due to cerebral anoxia due to severe multiple blunt trauma and Neck receives care in the Intensive Care area.

After the impact, the woman fled and was chased by residents of the sector, who alerted the National Police until the offender was arrested, hours after the event.

The case, investigated by the prosecutor Carmen Espinal, is supported by testimonial, documentary and illustrative evidence. Among the documents is the learning card in the name of the driver, which has expired.

Initially, the Public Ministry described the conduct of the investigated as reckless or careless driving and commission of an accident that causes injuries or deaths, with the aggravating circumstance of the nature and magnitude of the damages, as well as the danger or risk of said action, crimes and conditions that are qualified in articles 220, 301 (number 3), 302 and 303 (number 5) of Law 63-17, on Mobility, Land Transportation, Traffic and Road Safety.

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