Rasmussen: “We want to work for the people who need it”

Stephan Rasmussen, national senator for the Patria Querida (PQ) party, will seek re-election in the next elections. The legislator has been an activist in social and religious issues since he was young. This allowed him to visit and learn about the reality of the people. Furthermore, this was what motivated him to study economics and work for people’s quality of life.

At the beginning of the Patria Querida party, Pedro Fadul motivated him to work with him. He considers that his party is the only political place in the country where you can work for the good of the citizenry. “In the PQ you don’t have the vices of other nucleations, order and discipline prosper,” he commented.

What can you tell us about your candidacy?

The PQ returned to politics and the Legislative Power with six legislators, after being absent for five years. We put our candidacy for consideration on three specific proposals, the first is the frontal fight against corruption, to continue working close to the people and the third is to work so that the people’s taxes are better used.

How is your first experience as a senator?

It is my first experience, I entered the minimum age, which is 35, now I am 39. The most significant thing to work for was having the courage to always do the right thing and stand up to corporatism in favor of short-term, populist laws, laws that sound good. but they can be very harmful.

What were the most laudable projects you presented?

The project of popular pots, that of the community dining centers, the unblocking of the sheet lists after 17 years of struggle. Now people can directly elect their candidate. We also work so that there is no over-indebtedness of the State, to lower the level of debts and no more loans are approved.

Why should people vote for you?

I submit my candidacy to the public for consideration. My goal is to fight corruption. People passed but institutions must be strengthened. Work for the people who need it most and keep working, use tax money correctly. I want to continue contributing to the country, with the greatest effort and courage.

Who is Stephan Rasmussen?

I am Paraguayan, from Asuncion, 39 years old, married 15 years ago, I have three children, a boy and two girls. I studied Business Administration and Economics at the Catholic University (UC), I did local and international postgraduate degrees, a master’s degree in administration, a doctorate in governance, I trained a lot.

Politics, was it what you expected?

The perception that did change was that even though there are few of us who try to change the policy, many things can be done, with media support, with citizen demands, changes can be made, they are not overnight. We can keep building.


Full name: Stephan Rasmussen Gonzalez.

Place of birth: Assumption.

Date of Birth: October 29, 1982 (39).

Place of primary, secondary and university studies: San Andres School of Asuncion. Business Administration and Economics at the Catholic University (UC).

Family: He married in 2007 and has three children.

Positions held in the public function: I was Vice Minister of Poverty Reduction and Social Development of the Technical Planning Secretariat (STP) between 2015 and 2017.

Hobbies: Tennis, soccer, rugby and watch Formula One.

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