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CODUE asks for clarification of this new tax on NGOs

Pastor Feliciano Lacen, asks for clarification of this new tax with which it is intended to aggravate Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs.

The President of the Dominican Council of Evangelical Unity (CODUE)Pastor Feliciano Lacen, ask to be clarified this new tax with which it is intended to aggravate the Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) covered by Law 122-05.

“We reject this new solid waste tax on NGOs because it would violate Law 122-05 on non-profit organizations that protects us and more than this, because it does not correspond to our nature.”

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Pastor Feliciano Lacen mentioned Art. 50 of Law 122-05 where it says that “they will enjoy a general exemption from all taxes, taxes, rates, special contributions, of a national or municipal nature, current or future.”

Our organizations are not governed by Law 225-20 to which the DGII mentions. However, currently when the certification of the declarations is printed, the payment of the solid waste tax is added. We need to quickly clarify this particular.

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