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Careful! Regime launches 200 new traffic police officers on the “hunt”

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 Careful! Regime launches 200 new traffic police officers on the "hunt"

The sanctioned Nicaraguan Police increased its roster of traffic agents this Wednesday, March 29, by graduating 200 new officers from the Basic Traffic Course of the Walter Mendoza Police Academy. According to the propaganda media of the dictatorship, this event was dedicated to the “Heroes of April.”

Of this new group of traffic officers, 76 are women and 124 are men. According to the Ortega Police, this increase in officers occurs within the framework of the “strategy to strengthen road safety and prevent car accidents in Nicaragua.”

The truth is that traffic police are accused of asking drivers for “bites” so as not to apply a fine. Also, in various viral videos on social networks, the corrupt behavior of some traffic officers has been documented.

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Commissioner General Aldo Sáenz, deputy director of the Police, said during the graduation ceremony, according to the dictatorship’s propaganda media, that with this new contingent of traffic police the country “consolidates itself as the safest country in the region.”

The Ortega policeman also acknowledged that there has been an increase in victims of traffic accidents and that this phenomenon has become a “national emergency situation” and, according to him, that is why it is “necessary to train more agents.”

On November 28, 2022, Vice President Rosario Murillo expressed her “concern” and described traffic accidents and deaths from this cause as “outrageous.” In addition, she instructed the Police to “evaluate and restore” the Road Safety Plan executed by the sanctioned institution of order, designated as responding to the interests of the couple in power.

The most recent case of corruption of a traffic officer was documented by Irish journalist Peter Murtagh. The writer was driving along the North Pan-American Highway, a transit agent and a paramilitary stopped him and asked for his documentation. He allegedly committed an infraction, they would apply a fine that he had to pay on the site.

“He said that there had been a violation, a violation, and that he was going to give me a ticket and he was going to withhold my license. I said that there had been no violation, that I was in a line of vehicles and I was the only one arrested. What was that for? Surprise surprise, he wasn’t interested. But, surprise surprise again, you could pay the fine now. And how much could that be? He said $ 20 », denounced the journalist in an opinion article.

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