Buena Fe de Cuba and its songs for the first time in Panama

In statements to Prensa Latina, Rojas specified that just on his birthday, another dream materializes, that of visiting this country for the first time, invited by the Martiana Association of Cuban Residents in Panama, as part of an intense one-week program.

The main vocalist and composer indicated that he is proud to participate with his most recent creations in the inauguration of Casa Cuba, La Vitrina, a cultural space that seeks to consolidate links between creators from the Island and the Isthmus.

According to the agenda, they will also offer anthological songs from their repertoire, but especially from the latest album Carnal, at a gala scheduled for February 11 at the National Theater, located in the Old Town of the Panamanian capital.

Also of interest is the exchange with singer-songwriters and performers from the canal nation, including Rómulo Castro, with whom they could also carry out joint projects in the future.

The talented Cuban performers announced that their artistic presentations will not lack themes such as The strength of a country, a perennial tribute to health professionals, who also in Panama gave their best to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

In another part of the conversation with Prensa Latina, Rojas dismantled the media campaign of the counterrevolution that lies on the networks and speculates about the suspension of a series of Buena Fe concerts agreed to be held in Canada.

Initially planned in 2020, then postponed in 2021 but -due to Covid-19- it was also necessary to cancel in 2022, despite having all the tickets sold two years ago.

Regarding the fact, he explained that at the humble suggestion of the contracting company that the creators be immunized with drugs approved by the WHO, they rejected the proposal and argued that they already had the complete scheme with Cuban vaccines, of proven efficacy and quality. as has been shown.

“The worm has wanted to note that it was a victory of the opponents of the Revolution that these presentations were suspended, nothing could be further from the truth, since it comes from the plans of the mediocre and the liars,” he said.

The decision responded to an elementary health issue, if we already have the necessary immunization with Cuban vaccines, in addition to a reaction consistent with our way of thinking.

The stay in Panama, he added, will serve above all to learn from its humble people, its creators, personalities, an unforgettable experience that excites us, he concluded.

With an extensive discography, Rojas and Martínez, the latter acoustic guitar and second voice, are preparing the repertoire that will surely impact the Panamanian public that loves their music, in particular the followers of the authors of songs such as Corazonero, Catalejo, Sobreviviente, Arsenal and Guilt, among many others.

Originally from the easternmost of the Cuban provinces, Guantánamo, Buena Fe is distinguished by a style of author song wrapped in whatever suits the listener, although they are essentially based on trova, according to connoisseurs.

During a two-decade career, Rojas has composed and led the renowned band together with the guitarist Martínez, who defend the truth of Cuba in each of their compositions and have taken their music to countries in the region and Latin America, added to a coherent discourse already tone with the sociopolitical reality of the island.

They also warn of the multiple strategies of manipulation and aggression deployed against the island’s socialist project from social networks where the creators themselves have been the object of discredit or boycott campaigns without any success.


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