"compulsive liar": Bordaberry’s reaction after Valenti’s accusation

The publicist Esteban Valenti, who is at the forefront of the campaign for the Yes to the repeal of 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration, launched a accusation on Twitter against former senator Pedro Bordaberrywho responded by accusing him of “compulsive liar” and “turnip”.

After Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s summons to stop using the image of the Pink Panther in communications with the populationValenti published a message against the former leader of the Colorado Party.

“As we are growing, the Bordaberry studio that represents the transnational Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer prohibited us from using the Pink Panther,” he declared.

The former presidential candidate responded to the tweet shortly after: “Compulsive liar, you are desperate; I have nothing to do with any legal study; look elsewhere, turnip“.

Following that exchange, Valenti posted new messages. He said that “with the help” of the audiovisual production company, the Yes campaign has “a new mascot” and it is the pink giraffe. “We have been growing,” he said.

He also spoke of the prohibitions that the promoters of the repeal of this article have experienced. “They ban the radio and TV network that the President is going to use on March 2 to defend the entire LUC, they ban the Centenario Stadium, they ban the Pink Panther and, of course, the Electoral Court gave them the light blue to NO, innocently. What missing?” he said.

The summons from the US company aroused the reaction of some spokespersons for the campaign promoting the repeal. Among them from the Ancap officials’ union. Its manager of Propaganda, Manuel Colina, said: “its popular use is going to continue being”.

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