Agrarian Commission will summon Minister Arce again for next Tuesday

Agrarian Commission will summon Minister Arce again for next Tuesday

The Popular Force congresswoman, Vivian Olivos, who chairs the Agrarian Commission, announced that the head of the sector will be summoned again, for next Tuesday’s session, so that he responds on issues related to his sector, after the invitation that had been made to him was absent today.

In dialogue with Canal N, the Fujimorista legislator said that the issues to be discussed were not related to the questions against her for lack of suitability, but about the state of farmers in the country.

“We are going to send another invitation to the minister, if he wants it to be tomorrow I have no problem but today we are snubbed, we have a bench meeting to report on what has happened today, it is a regular meeting, I will give that information”, he asserted.

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“We are going to invite him next Tuesday. With this food crisis, the Agriculture portfolio is not just any portfolio, the Midagri looks like the Labor portfolio because they give their people jobs”, he added.

This Thursday, the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Javier Arce, did not attend the summons made by the Agrarian Commission of the Congress of the Republic, despite the fact that he had confirmed his attendance last Monday.

Next, the member of the ministerial cabinet justified his absence from the Agrarian Commission because he had to attend to an “urgent and unforeseen” agenda for the sector. Therefore, he requested that his participation be postponed until June 7.

Censorship of Aníbal Torres

At another time, Olivos was in favor of censoring the chief of staff, Aníbal Torres. He indicated that the presentation of the motion of censure will take place once it is certain that they have the votes.

“We have a quite incendiary president of the Council of Ministers. Personally, I agree with a censorship of the premier”, said.

I imagine that Hernando Guerra García is looking for consensus before presenting the motion of censure, we have to concentrate with other groups, we do not want to do it before having talked with the groups “he expressed.


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