Abel tells mothers lack of opportunities will end in two years

Abel tells mothers lack of opportunities will end in two years

Santo Domingo East.- The presidential candidate Abel Martinez regretted that the Mother’s day It is commemorated marked by the high cost of the family basket, to the detriment of women who have to raise their children without help.

“Right now, the little that the vast majority of them earn is not enough to support the home and many others are without jobs, without any type of opportunity that encourages them to start their small businesses,” he said during the swearing-in of members. of his campaign team in Santo Domingo Este.

He called on the mothers to resist and assured them that in his government they will have conditions to improve their quality of life.

“As of 2024, they will have an inclusive government, focused on creating the conditions to improve the quality of life of all Dominicans; promoting real and effective public policies that allow us to return to the paths of development, progress, and food security”, she expressed.

Abel Martínez welcomed former PRM leaders Juana Fabián and his entire family to his presidential project, and Carlos Lora, a merchant from El Naranjo who coordinates a large group of experremeistas who joined the Abel 24 project.

During the swearing-in, Alfredo Martínez, better known as “El Cañero”, former mayor of SDE, member of the Central Committee (CC) of the PLD and general coordinator of the Abel 24 project in the Circ. No.3, assured that Abel Martínez will win the internal votes of the PLD on October 16, with 80% in that constituency, also assuring that the same will be replicated throughout the municipality and throughout the country.

“Comrade Abel, this army is ready to give you victory and make you the official candidate of our party, and then take it to the presidential election in 2024. We all go with joy and enthusiasm to work to return to power and install in the Presidential Palace to the best: Abel Martínez”, after affirming that the political structure in that demarcation has 26 members of the CC, four deputies, eight aldermen and two mayors of municipal districts who, in his opinion, make up the true machinery of voter movement.

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